Sharing a passion for project management
and leadership

Human civilization has used projects to deliver its most amazing achievements—from ancient Roman aqueducts to the iPhone and Tesla. Projects transform our lives. We use them to organize and plan our daily accomplishments. After all, a project is anything that has a beginning and an end, and delivers a unique result.

At Project Management Essentials, we believe that people are the most important element to a successful project. Good project managers know how to lead their teams and organize the work. These skills are invaluable to everyone in all organizational settings—from small businesses to large corporations, non-profits, and government agencies.

We provide training, consulting, and coaching services based on our experience delivering thousands of projects and leading hundreds of teams.  Our experience is broad and incorporates the best from lean, agile, and traditional project management frameworks.

We apply our knowledge and experience to serve as an expert witness.

As a client, you will receive tangible, practical, and proven practices and guidance.

Our customers and partners…