Manage This! – Agile Beyond IT

Agile Beyond IT- Manage This Podcast – Episode 156 We’ve heard the comments about agile: “I don’t work in technology, so how does this apply […]

SmartSheet: Project Portfolio Management

Quick listen: The basics of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) on SmartSheet, February 7, 2022 Hear what PPM professional, Alan Zucker, has to say about what […]

Tuft’s University – Agile Leadership

Interview with Will Trevor, of Tufts University School of Engineering‘s Gordon Institute, on Agile Leadership for his EM 0254 “Leadership in the Age of Technology” course. […]

“Embrace experimentation and failure”

Alan Zucker of ‘Project Management Essentials’: “Embrace experimentation and failure” on Thrive Global, February 28, 2021. Embrace experimentation and failure…Look at Edison, 1999 failed experiments […]

ProjectBites: Road Trippin the Organization Change

ProjectBites: Road Trippin the Organization Change Organizational change and transformation efforts are often challenging.  Most fail to meet their planned objectives with 30% failing outright.  […]