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Agile Beyond IT- Manage This Podcast – Episode 156

We’ve heard the comments about agile: “I don’t work in technology, so how does this apply to me?” Agile isn’t just for software development! Recently Velociteach launched a new InSite course by Alan Zucker called: Agile Beyond IT, a hands-on application of agile practices for non-technology challenges. So, we’ve asked Alan to return as our guest to talk about how agile is relevant beyond IT. While agile is often associated with software development, Alan describes its roots in the Lean manufacturing movement as he explains the “House of Lean”.

In this episode, Alan shares examples of how the Agile Manifesto and some of the 12 Agile Principles can be more broadly applied to non-software projects. Alan compares project management to fusion cooking (!) and he illustrates how the lines are blurring between traditional and agile project management. He explains that agile is a mindset, not a methodology as he discusses agile teams being “self-organizing” and “self-managing”. Hear about unlocking the creative energy of team members by inviting them to be part of finding solutions. We also ask Alan to talk further about transparency in healthy teams, value stream mapping, and the Gemba Walk. Listen in as he describes the benefits of these practices for project managers that are leading non-IT projects.


Episode 156 – Agile Beyond IT