Project Manager Interview Questions: 5 Key Areas to Prepare For

“Project Manager Interview Questions: 5 Key Areas to Prepare For” on Borderless & Beyond, May 14, 2022.

What did you do?

It can be difficult to predict the type of questions you will get in a PM interview. But there’s one that’s almost guaranteed: “Tell me about a recent project.”

This is “a natural icebreaker question,” says Alan Zucker, founding director of Project Management Essentials. “Be prepared to describe the project, your role, the things that went well and the challenges encountered. Your first response should be less than two minutes. Practice. Stay focused and high level.

And be prepared to be specific on this one. “Project managers should be prepared to answer questions centered on real experiences and challenges and how they overcame them,” says PMI’s Garrett. “Avoid hypothetical answers that don’t prove how you reacted and handled your situation.”