Project Management & Leadership Training

Project management is a fundamental skill that enhances all professions and industries. At Project Management Essentials we offer a series of customizable courses designed for any skill level or organization.

Our Project Management Essentials course provides foundational training in:

  • Initiating and planning a project,
  • Understanding our project stakeholders and their communication needs; and
  • Executing and leading a successful project.

Our Advanced Project Management Essentials course includes:

  • Establishing a framework and practices for managing a successful project,
  • Program and portfolio management; and
  • Creating customer value.

Courses are available for both online and in-person delivery and can be customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Public courses are offered through leading universities and post-graduate institutes.

  • Earn a Certificate in Project Management from George Mason University or the University of Georgia.
  • Earn the Project Management Health Sciences badge from the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences at the National Institutes of Health.