ProjectBites: “I Inspire” Finding Your Inspirational Story

ProjectBites: “I Inspire” Finding Your Inspirational Story

Each of us has our own, undiscovered inspirational story.  We may not recognize our own accomplishments.  We may not have articulated our achievements into a personal narrative.  Or, we may be uncomfortable talking about ourselves. 

In reality, we all have achieved great things.  We have overcome challenges or difficulties.  We have demonstrated integrity, courage, and bravery.  We have succeeded beyond our expectations.  We simply have not expressed or shared them.   

We can use our personal stories to build our own confidence and acknowledge our value and contribution.  Through our stories we can share our values and beliefs.  We can impart our experience and wisdom.  We can also motivate and inspire others.   

Storytelling figure prominently in all societies.  Stories also create and foster corporate cultures.  As project managers, we can use our stories to build, develop, and motivate our teams.  Teams with high emotional intelligence are 40% more likely to deliver successful projects. 

In “I Inspire,” Mr. Zucker motivates participants to find their voice and develop their own personal narrative; he: 

  • Describes the arc of the inspirational story, 
  • Outlines the elements of a good story, and  
  • Guides participants through the initial steps of finding and telling their own inspirational story. 

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