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7 secrets of effective IT departments

“7 secrets of effective IT departments” on mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog, August 29, 2018.

5. They recognize that technology never stops moving

“IT managers need to recognize that technology is ever-shifting and that they do not need to develop the perfect solution to every problem,” says Alan Zucker, Founding Principal, Project Management Essentials LLC. “IT often approaches projects as if they were building a bridge with an anticipated life. They need to recognize that most applications and technologies will have a very short life and that they only need to be sufficient to meet the expected business need. Agile development methodologies help shift this mindset.”

7. They build communication with the business

“IT and business people are often not cut from the same cloth,” says Zucker. “IT people tend to be more process and detail oriented. Business people are often more outcome oriented and focus less on the details. Many discussions go south from the beginning because the two organizations are talking past each other. IT managers should learn how to listen to and communicate with their business partners. A good first step is this process is understanding the need before responding with an objection.”