Agile Beyond IT

Agile Beyond IT is a 4.5-hour online course in collaboration with Velociteach.

Learner Comments:

“Agile beyond IT is for anyone who needs to understand and implement an Agile mindset in order to drive improvements for both internal and external customers.”  Mathew

” Excellent course to show how Agile concepts can apply to all types of projects, not just those for software.”

“An amazing course, with great insights to the actual value and practice of Agile”  Michael

” Great course. I knew virtually nothing about AGILE prior to taking the course. Now I have a good understanding of its main principles.”  Jim

“Alan Zucker does a great job of making the Agile concept useable for non-IT industries. The course is well planned and presented, with examples to clarify how to use the information.”

” Excellent overview of agile practices generalized beyond IT”