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CIO Strategies: 5 tips for enabling the business

“CIO Strategies: 5 tips for enabling the business” on mrc’s Cup of Joe, April 25, 2019.

Eliminate silos

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It’s a common problem. IT departments and the business are often viewed as two separate entities.

“The biggest barrier to IT enabling the business are the organizational and cultural silos that separate the two sides of the business,” says Alan Zucker, Founding Principal, Project Management Essentials LLC. “The fact that we typically draw lines between business and technology is a key symptom of the underlying problem. CIOs and IT leaders must change the way they and their organizations engage with their business partners.”

Now, I realize that correcting this issue is easier said than done. You can’t just snap your fingers and eliminate long-standing barriers between IT and the business.

What can you do? You can start small. Include business users on some IT meetings (when it makes sense) and vice versa. Create processes that expose IT staff to front-line problems. Or, as explained below, adjust your office seating to integrate the two sides.