Is Agile The Answer? 8 Projects + Products Where Agile Fits Well

“Is Agile The Answer? 8 Projects + Products Where Agile Fits Well” on, May 11, 2021.

Nonprofit Organizations

Recently, I have started using Agile practices to help nonprofits and small businesses address their challenges. Many organizations are facing complex problems where the solution and path forward are not certain. Kanban boards work well for nonprofits and small companies. Kanban is the practice of breaking down a complicated program into small tasks and then tracking that work on a publicly visible board. This visibility creates transparency and accountability in the project. Combining the Kanban with the Daily Standup Meeting principles significantly reduces the updates section of a board meeting—cutting the time by 75% or more.

Using lessons from the Lean Startup model, I have developed a framework to help small businesses and nonprofits consider their options, develop a series of experiments, and evolve their solution. This process incrementally delivers value, provides learning, and allows organizations to be more responsive to their customers and constituents.

Alan Zucker, Project Management Essentials