Robotics, AI & Project Manament

I, Project Manager: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in the WorkplaceOn: Captera; June 11, 2017 Robots and artificial intelligence may automate the tedious tasks that consume a small part of a project manager’s time, such as taking information from multiple sources and putting together nice PowerPoint decks, […]

Critical Skills for DevOps Engineers

10 Critical Skills That Every DevOps Engineer Needs for Success; on Tech Republic, June 8, 2017.  Republished on: Best of DevOps, Linux, Kcura, LinkedIn       People skills are key, but tend to be underappreciated, said Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials. As software engineers, DevOps […]

Technology Professionals: Value of a Degree in Economics

On eLearners, May 17, 2017 “Getting a Master’s Degree in Economics cultivated my analytical thinking capabilities and help foster an inquisitive mindset. Because of my studies, I was able to visualize complex problems and systems while using critical thinking to solve financial problems with various companies. This led to […]

Successful Projects Presentation

Presentation: Successful Projects–What We Really Know, May 10, 2017 Thank you again for the PM Forum session today! 156 people attended which was a great turnout and The feedback and responses are very good.   I really thought the number of questions was a positive […]