First Step in Developing A Successful Customer Strategy

27 Customer Experience Pros and Business Leaders Reveal Their Single Most Important First Step in Developing A Successful Customer Strategy On NGData, July 12, 2017 Alan Zucker has over 25-years of experience working in Fortune 100 companies leading projects and large organizations. In 2016, he founded […]

Build a DevOps-Focused Enterprise

On Information Week, June 20, 2017,  and  Health Medicine Network, June 21, 2017 Sharing values and principles DevOps is a philosophy that’s easily ported to many enterprise sectors, says Alan Zucker, an Agile, DevOps, and project management consultant based in Arlington, Va. “The values and principles of DevOps […]

What’s Your Favorite DevOps Interview Question?

On Stackify, on June 21, 2017 “My favorite DevOps interview question is…” People. Process. Technology. These are referred to as the ‘Golden Triangle’ for managing organizational change. How does DevOps approach the Golden Triangle? What have you done in a recent engagement to demonstrate you […]

How To Have An Awesome Project Kickoff Meeting

On  Conference Calling, June 21, 2017 …As the meeting begins, and even as the project progresses, every new team is going through Tuckman’s “Storming, Forming, Norming, and Performing” stages of group development, according to Alan Zucker, Founding Principal of Project Management Essentials LLC. “The faster the […]

Choosing Project Management Software: A Buyer’s Guide

“Choosing Project Management Software: A Buyer’s Guide” on Business News Daily, June 16, 2017 Successfully implementing an enterprise project management system is difficult. This is a cultural, not a tool issue,” said Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials. “Most organizations do not have […]

Robotics, AI & Project Manament

I, Project Manager: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in the WorkplaceOn: Captera; June 11, 2017 Robots and artificial intelligence may automate the tedious tasks that consume a small part of a project manager’s time, such as taking information from multiple sources and putting together nice PowerPoint decks, […]

Critical Skills for DevOps Engineers

10 Critical Skills That Every DevOps Engineer Needs for Success; on Tech Republic, June 8, 2017.  Republished on: Best of DevOps, Linux, Kcura, LinkedIn       People skills are key, but tend to be underappreciated, said Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials. As software engineers, DevOps […]

Technology Professionals: Value of a Degree in Economics

On eLearners, May 17, 2017 “Getting a Master’s Degree in Economics cultivated my analytical thinking capabilities and help foster an inquisitive mindset. Because of my studies, I was able to visualize complex problems and systems while using critical thinking to solve financial problems with various companies. This led to […]

Successful Projects Presentation

Presentation: Successful Projects–What We Really Know, May 10, 2017 Thank you again for the PM Forum session today! 156 people attended which was a great turnout and The feedback and responses are very good.   I really thought the number of questions was a positive […]