Introduction to Project Management

“Introduction to Project Management” on MBA Central, February 27, 2021. Alan Zucker from Project Management Essentials found that over 70 percent of organizations in a survey […]

“Embrace experimentation and failure”

Alan Zucker of ‘Project Management Essentials’: “Embrace experimentation and failure” on Thrive Global, February 28, 2021. Embrace experimentation and failure…Look at Edison, 1999 failed experiments […]

Top 11 Cities for Project Management

Top 11 Cities for Project Management on A Girls Guide to Project Management, December 9, 2020. Washington DC area The DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, Northern […]

How to become a DevOps engineer

“How to become a DevOps engineer,” on, November 26, 2020. As companies trend toward DevSecOps, it’s key to build-in secure software from the start, […]