7 secrets of effective IT departments

“7 secrets of effective IT departments” on mrc’s Cup of Joe Blog, August 29, 2018. 5. They recognize that technology never stops moving “IT managers need to recognize that technology is […]

Getting Smart About Knowledge Management

“Getting Smart About Knowledge Management” on Information Week, August 16, 2018. “The problem is not with the software; it’s with people,” observed Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials, […]

5 Reasons to Kill (or Rethink) a Pilot Project

“5 Reasons to Kill (or Rethink) a Pilot Project” on Rimini Street, July 24, 2018. It’s understandable why those who approved the pilot, the project leaders and senior executives, have […]

6 most-dreaded IT projects

“6 most-dreaded IT projects” on CIO, June 27, 2018. Under scoped and over promised Whether it’s from excessive optimism, a desire to impress the boss, or a failure to properly […]

5 future proof careers in Tech

“5 future proof careers in Tech,” on Socium Recruitment, June 13, 2018. DevOps Lead …The demand will continue in the future as DevOps professionals also require soft skills, “great DevOps […]