Project governance model

Project governance model, on Autoesuela Alcante, on 2/17/19. Step 1: Name a person responsible for the success of your project. assign a person who is a constant during the life […]

Ein guter Vorsatz für 2019: Projekte beerdigen

“Ein guter Vorsatz für 2019: Projekte beerdigen” (“A good intention for 2019: to bury projects”) on Handelsblatt, 1/1/19. Translated from German… Justify the project In the end, the hardest question […]

23 Best Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

“23 Best Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating” on Up Journey, 12/11/18. Alan Zucker Founding Principal, Project Management Essentials LLC When I work with clients to improve their how they work, […]

Agile Exam Tips

“What is an Agile Coach? A valuable role for the organization” on Agile Exam, 12/1/18. Agile is primarily a cultural change. It is a tectonic shift from command-and-control management practices […]

Wait—you can have happy users?!

“Wait—you can have happy users?!” on HPE, November 6, 2018 “Historically, there has been friction between IT organizations and its users,” says Alan Zucker, founding principal of consultancy Project Management […]

Managing technical debt, once and for all

“Managing technical debt, once and for all” on, October 15, 2018. Sometimes it’s a more ingrained, systemic problem. Development processes may be weak, or the company may prioritize budget […]