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Project governance model

Project governance model, on Autoesuela Alcante, on 2/17/19.

Step 1: Name a person responsible for the success of your project. assign a person who is a constant during the life of the project. This person is not the project manager, however. They should be the commercial unit that the project benefits. You can identify them as the project owner or the project manager.Alan Zucker, Senior Founder, Project Management Essentials, has over 25 years of experience in managing Fortune 100 corporate projects. At one point, he led an organization of more than 150 project managers and project professionals. It has improved organizational and sponsor satisfaction while simultaneously reducing the costs of project management support. Over the course of his career, Zucker’s teams have delivered thousands of successful projects.

He is also experienced in the management of traditional waterfall projects as well as in the direction of an agile transformation. Zucker explains: Step 7: Expand and hold the Business Case. Your Business Case should justify the investment and be the key governance document for the Project Board. Be sure to document the history of the changes and that the Board assess the changes made to the original project. The case should include project pilots, expected results, expected benefits, scope, source of funding, assumptions, interdependencies and timeline.