Project Management Trends: Future of Project Management

“Project Management Trends: Future of Project Management” on SelectHub, March 30, 2023

Data and Analytics

Alan Zucker, founding Principal of Project Management Essentials, believes data’s presence in project management will increase, saying:

“As teams mature in their workflow based Agile practices, the use of predictive analytics that help estimate the time and effort required to deliver stories will also increase. Using these predictive analytics may prove to be the best way of estimating project cost and duration.”

Advanced PM Systems

With a significant rise in remote and geographically dispersed teams in the post-pandemic era, there’s an increase in demand for advanced collaborative solutions. Zucker sees an increase in demand for collaborative workspaces to manage dispersed teams.

Alan Zucker PM Quote

“Another major trend is the shift to collaboration workspace management tools, which allow teams to work and collaborate online. These tools make it possible for remote or distributed teams to create information radiators that are available to all team members.”