Leading SAFe

Student testimonials:

“Alan was great. Had solid real-life examples. I learn thru analogies and examples, so more analogies relating to how it all comes together would’ve benefitted me, but that’s a personal preference. Ultimately, Alan had personality, enthusiasm, and most importantly a solid understanding of the material.”

“Alan made the class enjoyable and made great use of the Mural board. I’d recommend him to anyone who takes this SAFe course.”

“Alan is very knowledgeable of SAFe in both theory and practice. The knowledge presented in the course was also backed up by real-world experience which is crucial in any training course.”

“Thank you Alan. I have been through a number of Agile training and others; this was by far the best one. Thanks for keeping it interesting and opening up the training to the attendees and our experience.” ┬áBrian

“He provided excellent tailored and relevant examples and scenarios from his experience. This enhanced our learning of the material and kept the class very engaged.”

“He was great by allowing the culture of the class to drive the agenda.”

“I am grateful for and impressed not only by Alan’s knowledge of the course content but also his delivery of the information and the personal experience/stories he shared to help illustrate throughout the course.”

“Alan’s training and facilitation were professional yet comfortable and very thoughtful/accommodating – it was my pleasure to participate in his class.?”