Tips for CIO’s: How well do your executives perform?

“Tips for CIO’s: How well do your executives perform?” on I Want a TECH, August 17, 2020.


Many managers, especially those who lead application development, infrastructure, or operations teams, are responsible for internal customer support. Alan Zucker, founder of the consulting firm Project Essentials, believes that the success of these managers can best be measured by talking to customers and their satisfaction with routine interactions.

Zucker recalls that a few years ago, when he ran an IT project management organization, he made it a habit to meet regularly with his project managers. “My project managers were involved in the development teams as a matrix. However, there was a problem. While managers were generally satisfied, many customers were not.“

In collaboration with the development teams and customers, a 360 survey of ten questions was created, conducted every six months: “The project teams evaluated the project manager, the project manager evaluated the performance of the teams and the function managers. The results were compiled and shared. Within a year, team performance improved and the perception gap between project managers and customers narrowed.“