Leadership & Communications Training


Teams that demonstrate high emotional intelligence are three times more likely to be successful. We teach proven techniques to improve team performance through effective communication and leadership.

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To learn more about Project Management Essentials and the services we offer, download our information sheet (pdf):

PM Essentials by Alan Zucker

Project & Organizational Skills Training

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The project management profession has developed practices and tools to organize and manage projects of every size. These skills are valuable to both project managers and other professionals in their day-to-day activities.

Facilitation Services



A good facilitator can ensure your important meeting or workshop achieves its desired results. We have experience working with organizations to develop mission statements, strategic plans, or conduct postmortem assessments.

Advisory & Consulting



We offer personalized advisory and consulting services that meet our clients specific needs.

Agile Transformation



Agile projects are far more successful than traditional projects. We can help your organization transform and realize the benefits of going Agile.