Agile Project Management

“You were AWESOME! Thank you so much for your style and your knowledge. You are most appreciated” Angel  😊

“Alan provides a great mixture of lecture and experience.”  Amy

“Alan answered my questions w/examples. He also provided some suggestions for outside questions and future options.”

“Alan knows his stuff”

“Ala was open to discussions and willing to add valid ideas to clarify the advantage of flexibility of ideas outside the curriculum to their implementation outside the class.”

“He is great!”

“I appreciated the instructor using one of our projects for the case study.  It improved the learning experience.  The instructor encouraged participation.  Questions were answered with relevant experience.”  Wendy

“He helped me further my understanding and knowledge of Agile” Irv

“Alan is very knowledgable and effective in his teaching.  Lots of real-life experience to share.  Great at paying attention to students needs and making the learning relevant.” Richard

“Alan stressed that students be engaged and give their undivided attention which made the learning experience more effective.” Angela