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IT career goals 2020: Most-wanted technology and core skills

“IT career goals 2020: Most-wanted technology and core skills” on The Enterprisers Project, January 30, 2020.

Top tech skills to focus on in 2020

With so many potential areas of growth in IT, how do you narrow your focus? We asked tech recruiters and pros to share some key tech areas where you can consider building skills this year.

  • Agile: “Over the past year and into 2020, I have been investing heavily in my agile skills,” says Alan Zucker, founder of Project Management Essentials. “Agile has crossed the tipping point, and as it continues to expand and mature, there is increasing demand for intermediate and advanced training. The leading institutions are now offering additional courses to help people continue to grow. Scrum Alliance now offers Advanced Scrum Master and Scrum Professional certifications beyond the foundational Scrum Master training. Scaled Agile offers over a dozen role-based certifications. In the past year, the Project Management Institute acquired the Disciplined Agile framework and is rolling out a comprehensive training program.”