Project Management Certificate

University of Georgia, Project Management Certificate

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  • Alan is very insightful in managing projects and his knowledge is very informative. He has put together a program that helps people in all stages of management. In the class, it does not matter if you are a city manager or an existing project manager. Alan gives you the skill and information to help all areas of management.
  • I was “voluntold” to attend the program but I purposefully decided to take advantage of the lessons to be learned. I am grateful that I allowed myself to be receptive to absorbing the instructor’s knowledge.
  • This Project Management course is great for learning the HOWS of project management. If you are preparing for the PMP exam, I would recommend this course plus an exam booklet to study from and you should be good to go!

What did you like best about this course? 

  • Alan was great!! Very engaging and took the time to ensure all of our questions were answered and that he was a resource for the class.
  • The instructor was great and gave good examples to help explain the material
  • It was easy to understand and the instructor was very personable and related the material to real-life circumstances.
  • I think the class was very beneficial for anyone that needs Project Management knowledge and application.
  • I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject and patient with our questions.

What did you like most about the virtual classroom sessions? 

  • The teachers use of software
  • The ability to engage fully. It was very similar to an on-site experience.