Ultimate Guide to Kanban Project Management (2022)

Ultimate Guide to Kanban Project Management (2022) on Clickup.com, on January 17, 2022.

Increased transparency

The core principle of the Kanban framework is to visualize all the tasks on a board.

Each team member can see what’s going on with the project and see who’s working on what – ensuring that there are no secrets within the team members.

Alan Zucker, Founding Principal at Project Management Essentials reports how enhanced transparency helps his projects.

“By creating transparency into work items, limiting the work-in-process, and creating a pull system, we can more effectively manage all forms of work. The Kanban boards work very well to track the flow of work through complex, multi-step processes,” he says.

Zucker further adds: “Because Kanban’s are so visual, it is easy to quickly see what work is in progress, its status, and what is upcoming. Program managers can add horizontal swim lanes, to easily track the status of all of the projects they are managing. Project manager and project teams can use the Kanban to track deliverables and tasks.”