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Smart answers for your next DevOps interview: How to prepare

“Smart answers for your next DevOps interview: How to prepare” on TechBeacon, August 9, 2017

How do you evaluate new technology or processes?

The ability to incorporate new technology and processes matters to a successful DevOps transformation, says Harvey, and you should be able to explain what you’re trying out and your overall approach to adopting technology. Ideally, you can say in good conscience that you do it with an eye toward how that technology can help drive the business forward or improve customer service, or both. Make sure the interviewer understands that you are mindful of all the costs involved in transitioning to a new tool, says Alan Zucker, founding principal of Agile and DevOps training and consulting firm Project Management Essentials.

Also plan to talk about how you advocate for that new technology within the business to help drive adoption, Harvey says.

We have a mix of new and legacy applications and technologies. What’s the first thing you do as our new DevOps engineer?

Your answer should lay out that your first steps will be to assess the environment, Zucker says. Telling the interviewer that you’d conduct a value stream analysis is a great start. “Developing a strategy that stratifies the applications based on their need for speed and agility (paced-layered strategy) is also a good answer,” he says. “For both of the questions, I want to see that the DevOps engineer is being thoughtful about what should be done rather than talking first about tools and technologies.”