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These HR Tool Mistakes Will Cost You

“Watch Out! These 4 HR Tool Mistakes Will Cost You” on Entrepreneur, July 27, 2017;  Cited as top article on Notely, June 28, 2017; Sheen Services, August 6, 2017;  iCube, August 8, 207

Lowering your security expectations.

Business, employee and client information is sacred — nothing is worth jeopardizing the cyber security of these systems. That’s why Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials LLC, a project-management company in Arlington, Va., suggests thoroughly vetting vendor information security protocols before choosing an HR tool.

“If you are going with a cloud-based or SaaS solution, make sure the vendor is storing your personnel data in an environment that meets your firm’s data security standards,” Zucker suggested via email. “Most HR systems contain non-public, personal information, which can be something as basic as a name and address or phone number. If this data is lost or compromised, there may be significant ramifications.”

The message here: Be slow and thorough when choosing HR tools. Make sure to fully understand these tools’ security systems, their reviews and the speed with which their manufacturers’ troubleshooting department responds.

If a security breach does happen, will the tool’s tech team immediately be there to handle the situation as if it were their own? Tools that are priced inexpensively — but keep leaders up at night worrying about security for team members’ and clients’ information — are not worth the cheaper cost of investment.