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What’s the best methodology for project teams under 10?

“What’s the best methodology for project teams under 10?” on Get App Lab, on 12/13/18.

11. What exactly does ‘Agile’ mean?

“Agile” isn’t one methodology. Rather, it’s a set of methodologies (including Scrum and Kanban) that help project teams address change.

Given this broad goal, project leaders can apply their Agile methodology of choice to a wide range of projects, from marketing to software development. You can consider an Agile methodology if your project:

  • Relies on close collaboration between the development and business teams
  • Must deliver ongoing business value
  • Has flexible requirements
  • Has self-organized teams, ideally of nine people or fewer

“If the project is complicated or complex and requires a regular interaction between the product owner and the team, then Scrum would be the best methodology,” Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials LLC, says.

“Scrum is best when we are building new applications or making significant enhancements to a legacy application where we want to deliver value incrementally and we want to have daily interaction between the development team and the business.

“If we are focusing on managing the flow of work on a project and eliminating waste, then Kanban would be the preferred methodology.”