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23 Best Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating

“23 Best Tips on How to Stop Procrastinating” on Up Journey, 12/11/18.

Alan Zucker

Alan Zucker

Founding Principal, Project Management Essentials LLC

When I work with clients to improve their how they work, I make four recommendations:

#1 Deconstruct the work into small, discrete packets. Break large deliverables into many, manageable items where you can quickly see and measure your progress.

For example, if you estimate that it will take 2 weeks to complete a task, break that down into achievable goals that you can complete every day.

#2 Make the work visible. It is easy to avoid and ignore work on the task list on your computer or in a project schedule. I help my clients create a simple board on their office/cube wall.

The first column represents the things they need to do, listed in priority order. The second column represents the things they are currently working on. The final column represents the completed work. Each task is written on a Post-It Note and is moved from the To Do, to the Doing, to Done.

#3 Limit the number of things you are working on at once. Focus on completing work rather than starting work. Specifically, limit the number of items in your Doing column. The smaller the number, the more quickly you will get things done.

#4 Review your status daily. Every day review the items on your list. If you are not making progress, ask yourself why? Address the things that are impeding your progress.