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Working with Agile: a Competitive Advantage or a “Silver Bullet”

“Working with Agile: a Competitive Advantage or a “Silver Bullet” on Artezio, 12/4/18.

I’m a big believer in an Agile approach for IT companies! I work in digital marketing at Codal, a UX design and development agency that uses an Agile approach. In my opinion, it’s a much better approach in comparison to other methods (say, like the Waterfall approach) because it’s more flexible, responsive, and is a consistent process.

I also think that the Agile approach encourages more collaboration than other approaches, which is extremely important when you have designers and engineers handing off document files or clients commenting on prototypes. At Codal, working as an Agile company empowers us to use the most current technologies and highest levels of transparency with our developers, designers, and clients.

Alan Zucker, Founding Principal