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7 traits CIOs should seek in project managers

7 traits CIOs should seek in project managers, on The Enterprises Project, October 3, 2017

2. Great project managers unify people and teams

…“Project managers of large projects have much more complicated stakeholder management issues because there are so many of them,” says Alan Zucker, founding principal at Project Management Essentials. “Consequently, their ability to develop relationships is critical, along with their ability to build and manage coalitions. Often on large projects, there are competing priorities and points of view.”

4. Great project managers plan on uncertainty

You’ll commonly hear terms like “great planner” and “well-organized” to describe PMs. Indeed, you need someone who can see the project, no matter what it is, from start to finish. But if they go on tilt every time something goes awry, that’s not helping the project. Great PMs adapt and adjust because they expect problems along the way.

“On large projects, there is much more uncertainty. Projects never proceed as planned,” Zucker says. “The project manager needs to be able to effectively lead in a dynamic environment and keep focused on the priorities.”