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Project Management & AI Collaboration

Project Management & AI Collaboration on Sadiye Booker, October 12, 2017.

…With this in mind, a big part of a project management role is improving the collaboration, productivity and communication and it has been said that if the promise of AI eliminating the need of a physical resource completing these tasks, some may start questioning the safety of their jobs.

However, Alan Zucker Founding Principal of Project Management Essentials has said “Robots and artificial intelligence may automate the tedious tasks that consume a small part of a project manager’s time, such as taking information from multiple sources and putting together nice PowerPoint decks, or normalizing project data from incompatible systems. However, the most primary role of a project manager is leadership and communication, and these are functions that cannot be automated.” With over 25 years of project management experience, he’s sceptical that AI-enabled systems will do anything but automate tedious tasks. He concludes, “The central function of the project manager ensuring the successful delivery of the project, remains.”