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Best Project Management Tools 2020 – Voted By 53 Experts

“Best Project Management Tools 2020 – Voted By 53 Experts” on RealExpertAdvice,  April 20, 2020.

Alan Zucker

Founding Principal – Project Management Essentials LLC

✓ SmartSheet
A common challenge for many organizations is how to build a collaborative environment to manage and track project work and tasks. Many of the large enterprise solutions are expensive, rigid, and require significant effort to implement and maintain.

Recently, I have started using SmartSheet ( SmartSheet uses an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface and allows to build your own forms. It is easy to use the spreadsheet metaphor to build schedules, risk and issues lists, and keep track of everything on your project.

SmartSheet provides multiple views of the information in including a Gantt chart, calendar, and Kanban board. These different views allow you to quickly put the data into a context that makes it easy to communicate to various members of the project team.

The tool is cloud-based so collaboration across the team is easy.