Fundamentals of Agile Online

Fundamentals of Agile, Available ble at Velociteach.  See the promo video

“his is an excellent introduction to agile with good description to start implementing and good reference documents.”

“Excellent and thoughtful introduction to Agile that focuses on the how and why (and also when not to). Really made me think about what Agile is from the cooperate culture side and not just from the production side of things. Another course I had taken spent lots of time on just the scrums and sprints, this one touches lots more from a small shop to the enterprise. Highly recommend if you are just getting into Agile or need a reboot.”  Phillip

“I think this has been the best of the introduction to Agile courses I have taken. The effort to bring all the pieces together (Kanban, Lean, Safe and DevOps) work better than some courses I have taken that focused just on the sprints and scrums.”

“The breakdown of the various elements provided valuable and easily understandable of what makes up Agile. The addition of Lean, XP and DevOps provided insight into the interdependencies and interrelationships among these processes. The section on Scrum and the practical exercises made me feel I received not only an introduction to Agile but a beginning ability to apply the processes.”  Edward

“Overall, it was very helpful. Very detailed explanations that were easy to follow and understand”  David