Project Management Software Buying Guide

Project Management Software Buying Guide, on Business News Daily, February 23, 2021.

If you don’t choose a system that’s easy for your team to implement and use, you’ll end up magnifying the challenges you already face.

“Successfully implementing an enterprise project management system is difficult. This is a cultural [issue], not a tool issue,” said Alan Zucker, founding principal of Project Management Essentials. “Most organizations do not have consistent and standard practices for managing projects and reporting on portfolio performance. Something as seemingly simple as having a standard day for reporting status across the enterprise can send shock waves, as people are used to reporting status on a specific day, usually because of their executive status cadence.”

Key takeaway: Evaluate each project management software platform based on how well it  addresses your organization’s biggest pain points. Be sure to consider your company’s size, as well as the software’s scalability and ease of use.